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Opioid overdose detection using smartphones

By Rajalakshmi Nandakumar, Shyamnath Gollakota, and Jacob E. Sunshine

Science Translational Medicine | Vol. Iss

In utero gene editing for monogenic lung disease

By Deepthi Alapati, William J. Zacharias, Heather A. Hartman, Avery C. Rossidis, John D. Stratigis, Nicholas J Ahn, Barbara Coons, Su Zhou, Hiaying Li, Kshitiz Singh, Jeremy Katzen, Yaniv Tomer, Alexandra C. Chadwick, Kiran Musunuru, Michael F. Beers, Edward E. Morrisey and William H. Peranteau

Science Translational Medicine | Vol. Iss

Teriflunomide treatment for multiple sclerosis modulates T cell mitochondrial respiration with affinity-dependent effects

By Luisa Klotz, Melanie Eschborn, Maren Lindner, Marie Liebmann, Martin Herold, Claudia Janoschka, Belén Torres Garrido, Andreas Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Catharina C. Gross, Johanna Breuer, Petra Hundehege, Vilmos Posevitz, Béatrice Pignolet, Giulia Nebel, Shirin Glander, Nicole Freise, Judith Austermann, Timo Wirth, Graham R. Campbell, Tilman Schneider-Hohendorf, Maria Eveslage, David Brassat, Nicholas Schwab, Karin Loser, Johannes Roth, Karin B. Busch, Monika Stoll, Don J. Mahad, Sven G. Meuth, Timothy Turner, Amit Bar-Or and Heinz Wiend

Science Translational Medicine | Vol. Iss

Diagnosis of genetic diseases in seriously ill children by rapid whole-genome sequencing and automated phenotyping and interpretation

By Michelle M. Clark, Amber Hildreth, Sergey Batalov, Yan Ding, Shimul Chowdhury, Kelly Watkins, Katarzyna Ellsworth, Brandon Camp, Cyrielle I. Kint, Calum Yacoubian, Lauge Farnaes, Matthew N. Bainbridge, Curtis Beebe, Joshua J. A. Braun, Margaret Bray, Jeanne Carroll, Julie A. Cakici, Sara A. Caylor, Christina Clarke, Mitchell P. Creed, Jennifer Friedman, Alison Frith, Richard Gain, Mary Gaughran, Shauna George, Sheldon Gilmer, Joseph Gleeson, Jeremy Gore, Haiying Grunenwald, Raymond L. Hovey, Marie L. Janes, Kejia Lin, Paul D. McDonagh, Kyle McBride, Patrick Mulrooney, Shareef Nahas, Daeheon Oh, Albert Oriol, Laura Puckett, Zia Rady, Martin G. Reese, Julie Ryu, Lisa Salz, Erica Sanford, Lawrence Stewart, Nathaly Sweeney, Mari Tokita, Luca Van Der Kraan, Sarah White, Kristen Wigby, Brett Williams, Terence Wong, Meredith S. Wright, Catherine Yamada, Peter Schols, John Reynders, Kevin Hall, David Dimmock, Narayanan Veeraraghavan, Thomas Defay and Stephen F. Kingsmo

Science Translational Medicine | Vol. Iss

In utero and postnatal VX- administration rescues multiorgan disease in a ferret model of cystic fibrosis

By Xingshen Sun, Yaling Yi, Ziying Yan, Bradley H. Rosen, Bo Liang, Michael C. Winter, T. Idil Apak Evans, Pavana G. Rotti, Yu Yang, Jaimie S. Gray, Soo Yeun Park, Weihong Zhou, Yulong Zhang, Shashanna R. Moll, Lisa Woody, Dao M. Tran, Licong Jiang, Annelotte M. Vonk, Jeffrey M. Beekman, Paul Negulescu, Fred Van Goor, Dennis F. Fiorino, Katherine N. Gibson-Corley and John F. Engelhardt

Science Translational Medicine | Vol. Iss

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