Unibet Poker has come a long way since it’s time as a skin on Microgaming. We launched our own standalone software back in 2014 and haven’t looked back.

One not-so-small part of Unibet Poker’s consistent growth is the constant work that is being done to the software. Our Senior Poker Product Manager, Stubbe Buchwald, liaising with Relax Gaming and acting on the feedback and new ideas from the Unibet community has played a key role in this next version of the client. Version 3 promises to deliver an even greater gaming experience than is already available. Before I go into more detail, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Unibet to thank the community for being so involved in the direction Unibet travels in. There are a number of truly passionate and indeed intelligent members of the community who have helped the developers with feedback and ideas for V3 of the client.

Unibet Poker Online Series Is In Full Swing

The document with all of the upgrades is quite long, so I’m going to use this article to highlight some of the best and most exciting upcoming changes.

There are some excellent upgrades in store for MTT players. Tournament lobbies can now be opened in a separate window. This will be particularly handy for people grinding multiple tournaments at once and need to monitor the bubble situations across several games.

An estimated duration of tournaments will be shown in the lobby. I feel this will be very beneficial particularly for recreational players. It can be difficult to decide to play a tournament later in the evening fearing it will impact how much sleep you get before your early morning alarm goes off. This feature will allow you to plan your evening’s games without worrying about losing sleep in exchange for that final table run.

Many of us are guilty of drifting away from our games to a social media distraction from time to time. It can sometimes be difficult to understand the action facing you when you come back to the virtual felt, especially if you are playing multiple games at once. We’ve introduced the option to have coloured bet amounts to make the action more easily readable at a glance. As you can see from this image, raises appear green, calls yellow and folds red. The blinds will also appear in grey before the player acts to change that colour.

Unibet Poker software

Six-minute breaks! Praise be to the poker gods, we’ll now have six-minute breaks. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve sprinted back to my computer only to see my beloved ten-nine suited greyed out as it was auto-folded. It might not sound like much, but an extra minute can go a long way for an MTT grinder who is desperately trying to squeeze in a plethora of tasks in their small break window. I’ll now be able to empty my bladder, prepare a snack and max late reg the Neptune all without burning out my (optional) auto time bank. Happy days!

Table themes can now be applied to individual tables. I’ve definitely blasted off my stack in a satellite by jamming all-in with ace-five suited when I’ve had a seat locked up, having not realised I was at my satellite table and not my PKO table. Now you can colour code the tables as you see fit. You can have all your PKO’s one theme, your satellites another and your standard MTT’s yet another. No more missing out on calling the short stacks all in with seven-deuce offsuit in the Ice Giant Bounty and no more punting off a locked seat to the next Unibet Open!

Unibet Ambassador Ian Simpson Fostering Twitch Community with Stream Satellites

For mobile gamers, Unibet Poker will be available to play via the browser, just like it is via a desktop PC. This means that if a country has removed poker apps from the app store, those players will be able to access Unibet Poker via their browser so that they can still play on their phones and tablets. All game types are fully supported and the experience is almost identical to the iPhone and Android apps. In addition to this, portrait mode will be fully supported both for the lobby and the tables.

There are a plethora of other smaller upgrades and bug fixes that would take me well over my word count. But suffice it to say that the already brilliant Unibet Poker client will now be even slicker.

You’re going to need a Unibet Poker account in order to try out Unibet Poker Version 3. Those of you who have one, go right ahead! If you don’t have an account, download Unibet Poker via PokerNews for a welcome bonus worth €200.

Unibet rewards you with cold, hard cash each time you hit specific rake milestones. For example, you receive €1 when you rake €2 and an additional €4 once you’ve generated €10 in rake.

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