BAY COUNTY, Fla. WJHGWECP – The quality of health care post-Hurricane Michael has been a concern for many residents.Emerald Coast Medical Association and its many members want to dispel the myth that doctors are leaving the area and leaving us with poor health care.The Bay County medical community has had its own share of struggles since Hurricane Michael.Jeffrey Pyne, a local physician and member of Emerald Coast Medical Association, said “You’ll be coming to the doctors and they’ll just have sheetrock. They may not have carpets, but we’re here, and we’re working, and we’re doing well.”While there are some physicians who have left the community, Executive Director of Emerald Coast Medical Association Michelle Flaat says the number who have is less than a dozen.Alex Jones, general surgeon and member of Emerald Coast Medical Association, said “A large number of physicians are still in the community. Our medical association has gotten, or received, a lot of feedback from the community that there are concerns that their doctors have left the community as a result of the hurricane. That in fact is false, the majority of us are still here.”Physicians of all specialties are still in Bay County and have worked together in the months following the hurricane.Physicians said quality health care is of the utmost importance to them.”We feel it’s vital for the community to continue to have a high level of health care, we all have to be healthy in order to rebuild and recover,” says Dr. Jones.Although some may have doubts, physicians say one things if for sure: They are dedicated to the community.Emerald Coast Medical Association is working to keep locals in the loop through their website. emeraldcoastmedicalassociationm to learn more about which physicians are practicing and where their current office is.

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