This is a very guilty situation for men when women often cut jokes over their sexual performance. Because this is the only thing to satisfy a woman and to win her heart. They prefer personality over physique.

You can make your women happy by making several attempts and that is to satisfy her in all aspects. Some say that it is necessary just to focus on completing all ways of lovemaking instead of performance.

Same like that, men focus on women’s performance at the bed and not their size and physique at all. They compare their partners with their ex and then evaluate the performance of both of them.

So a question comes to mind that is the performance of men at bed is really important at bed for women? Men compare his ex with the present partner and women also compare her ex-husband with the present one. Women may ignore the performance of men at bed but they on the other side will be impressed by the long-term erection.

They both complement each other if a man with a great erection and women with a hot body.

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